Why you should read Don’t Divorce


“I was surprised how good I felt reading Don’t Divorce.

I thought this topic would be a downer–but I come away feeling inspired and hopeful.”

Divorce? Sounds grim. Sounds painful. Nope, don’t like to think about it.

Unless you’re livid and ready to walk out. Unless your spouse did something you cannot tolerate, or maybe did a lot of things that add up to something you want to escape.

Maybe your marriage seems distant and cold. Or boring and depressing. Or perhaps it’s just the same-old when there’s somebody nearby who makes you feel alive.

If you’re considering quitting your marriage, wait. Because once you make an announcement, you’ll get swept into a funnel that pulls you down and through in the rush of “supportive” friends, “empowering” therapists and a cadre of legal professionals set to guide you out the funnel’s tip, holding a decree and looking back wondering if this is where you–and your children–really want to be.

Anyone who’s already divorced has to feel it was necessary and the right thing to have done, in order to move on and thrive. But that’s not you. You’re still married, in a situation where you need the truth, the knowledge that will balance all the pro-divorce, “follow your heart” memes out there on Facebook, t.v. shows and movies, and even in magazines at the supermarket checkout. You’re bombarded with messages saying “If you’re not happy, bolt!”

First thing: Read Don’t Divorce. It’s filled with real people going through what you’re facing. And research about the reality you won’t see in any lawyer’s office or hear in any Divorce Support Group. You’ll learn strategies for stopping the momentum of divorce, and for re-infusing your relationship with enough positives that you can start to rebuild.

Don’t Divorce is upbeat and inspiring– and reminds you of the feelings and hopes you once held, and the best aspirations you continue to have for yourself and your family.

If it’s you, or a grown child, or a friend, a therapy client, a congregant or a co-worker who is going through tough times, read Don’t Divorce.

And if your marriage is strong…read Don’t Divorce because you’ll  remember the important stuff, and gain useful ways to avoid ever needing it. And you’ll have the ammunition you need to respond to friends and anyone you care about who is contemplating a split.



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